Pioneering a new approach in Home Care

Welcome to a bespoke  Home Care service for you or your loved one. 

Our mission is to allow people to maintain their independence at home, regardless of how complex their needs might be in a safe, bespoke, and dignified approach. Our Home Care services range from simple home care service of supporting with housekeeping, meal preparations, and personal care to more condition specific specialised care such as dementia care, Alzhemiers care, and Parkinson's care to post-op care, end of life care, and physical disabilities.

We believe great care is about building great relationships and we recognise the human need for connection. That’s why we take time to find out about you, your hobbies, and your likes and dislikes. We use this information to match you with a wellbeing worker with similar interests, someone you’ll be able to chat to and really get along with. We also guarantee you will see the same familiar faces at every visit.

Our relationship-based support means that we really get to know you, and this helps us to identify any small yet important changes to your health and wellbeing. Our customers never feel like they are letting strangers into their home; they’re greeting familiar faces that soon become friends.

We know that every individual is different, so we work hard to deliver truly personalised support. We empower you to make choices about what services you receive, as well as when and how you receive them. We encourage independence and make sure you have as much control over your life as possible, starting with the role you’d like us to play in it.

We don’t believe in a ‘one-size-fits-all’ service. Instead we take the time to get to know the individuals and families we support, so we can build a service that is really tailored to your needs. Whether you’re looking for one hour of support in the morning, or round the clock live-in care, we’ve got you covered.

All of our healthcare professionals are trained experts who share our company values and are dedicated to providing the highest standard of care. Our staff are subject to rigorous interview processes and comprehensive background checks. We are very selective about who we employ, so you can be sure that your healthcare professionalsis the best in the business!

We empower our staff to complete further accredited training and study professional qualifications. They receive ongoing support and are paid well above the industry average. We invest in our people and reward them for the incredible work they do.

We invest in the most innovative Home Care and Healthcare software to put you and your family in control. Your loved ones can keep up to date with your care and support, wherever they are, via the Allied Hands app. They can log into the app securely to read daily visit notes and see photos of the activities you have been enjoying with your wellbeing worker.

To give peace of mind, instant notifications show when we arrive and leave. Family members can even speak with us directly in the app to keep in touch.

Accountability and transparency are at the core of our systems and processes.

Testimonials - Reviews from Our Customers

'An absolute pleasure to have Marigold carers look after our dear wife. They really go above and beyond, and my wife has never been so comfortable and at ease since the lovely carers started attending'

- Review of Mr AM (Husband) from Ealing

'I was very happy with the way that the management team approached the complex requirements of my mother and father who were both in needed of spealist care and support. I was very happy with how much the managers and carers communicated with my and my brother to make sure mom and dad were comfortable and respected in their last days. 

- Review of Ms BB (Daughter) from Acton

'My father has been looked after by the Marigold Team since March. He was abit resistent in having carers support him but the care  team have been considerate and professional and now my father really looks forward to seeing his two regulary carers who are compassiona, funny and kind'

- Review of Mrs HL (Daughter) from Hayes

'Wonderful management and care workers. They attend on time and really good. I would recommend to anyone looking for care.

- Review of Ms AM (Client) from Ealing

'The staff are very helpful and the service is excellent and on many occassions they have gone above and beyond what I expected. I know that anyone in their care will be looked after with a passion and dignified manner.

- Review of Ms SH (Son) from Northolt

' I have felt safe and relaxed with their support as I recovered from an injury. I honestly do not see them as carers but as friends. The understood my care requirements with an instictive nature. They always encouraged me to try and improve, which I did and am forever greatful.

- Review of Mrs JJ (Client) from Yeading lane

Accept outstanding support on your own terms

Find your peace at home 

Our services our tailored to your specific needs no matter the task in hand, you can be reassured that our healthcare professionals will complete it to the highest standards

Clinical care including catheter and stoma care, support with moving and transfers,

Management of using equipment safely and maintainance.

Incontients management, personal care, and oral care.

Meal cooking, preparation and servering, Support with nutrition and hydration management including SALT support, management of eating disorders.

Medication administration and management, medication collection, GP sample drop-offs.

Shopping collection and errands, administrative support with bills and mail, housekeeping, decluttering, and deep cleaning.

Support with attending GP, hospital or other appointments as required.

Support with laundry and storage with ironing

Championship and anti-loneliness service.

Outreach services into the community such as attending relgious places or retail therpy, and escote to social events.

Healthy minds and body program for mental health support for depression..

Whats next and

How it works

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The first step in our process is to listen, whether you want a chat on the phone or vou would like us to meet your family, and we will start by understanding your needs ocircumstances. We will discuss the service we provide and our systems in place.

After spending sometime with you and your loved one, our assessment team will review your home care needs, produce a bespoke and detailed care plan and schedule. We will  then complete shortlise a number of suitable healthcare professionals to support you.

We will recommend a suitably matched healthcare professional but you will be able to interview them before providing you with an outstanding care service. Becasue we believe in choice and you should be the one making the big decisions

If you’d like more information about our services in West London, simply complete our contact form. Or if you’d prefer an informal chat, call us on 020 3152 7194. Our team are experienced, professional and reliable, and can answer any questions you may have