Live-in Healthcare Professional 

A Very Rewarding Career

As a live-in healthcare assistant, you'll move into your customer's home and live with them, providing support whenever they require. We'll make sure you're trained to the highest standards to ensure you help your customer in a wide range of ways - from personal care and bathing, to accompanying them to appointments and carrying out household duties.

You'll get to spend quality time with them and provide vital companionship, but you'll also get time and space to yourself.

Minimum Requirements

  • NVQ Level 2 in Health & Social Care or Equivalent or a commitment to gain the qualification with support from SMarigold Home Care.

  • Minimum 6 Months working experience with people who need personal care for example the elderly, people with disability, children and mental health clients.

  • Basic numeracy & literacy skills needed.

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Meal  Preparation

Healthy, nutritious and tasty meals can play a key role in enjoying a better quality of life. Your customers might ask you to cook a full meal for them or just prepare a light bite.

Clinical Care

Customers with more complex health conditions may require clinical care, where you may work alongside a qualified nurse to deliver a more specialised type of support.

Pet Care

Some of our customers own pets which they're not fully able to take care of themselves, so there may be times when you're asked to take their furry friends for a walk or top up their water bowl.


Customers living with medical conditions may need assistance with medication; we'll make sure you're fully trained in helping to adminster it safely and appropriately.

Mobility  Support

If a customer is living with a physical disability, a limiting medical condition or age-related frailty, they may need help moving around the house - particularly with getting in and out of bed and visiting the bathroom.

Completeing Errands

Many of our customers aren't able to get out and about as much as they'd like, so they may ask you to pick up some groceries or head to the post office on their behalf.

Personal Care

This can include things like helping a customer to bathe, toilet and dress, and assisting them in matters of personal hygiene.

Household Chores

Household chores can include tasks like vacuuming, doing the laundry, cleaning and other time-consuming activities which our less mobile customers need assistance with.


Sometimes, a customer's most pressing need is simply a bit of friendly company. Whether it's enjoying a cup of tea and cake or helping them to finish their jigsaw puzzle, companionship can do the world of good.

High Pay Rate

We pay a higher wage than other home care companies across the UK*

Flexible Working Times

Tell us when you're available so that work fits around your lifestyle

Referal Carer Rewards

Receive £100 as a thank you when you refer a experience friend to work for with us (T&Cs apply)

Career Development

Amazing opportunities to continmously develop and gain specialist certification and career progress in different roles.

After you’ve applied for a position that works for you, you're just four simple steps away from starting your newrole:

In House Interview

A member of our recruitment team will contact you for an interview

Pre-employment Verifications

We'll need to do a thorough DBS check, and we'll ask you to provide us with two or more external references. We will also verify the documentaions that you provide.

Internal Assessment

Following your interview, we'll invite you to an assessment day at our centre to ensure that you are able to meet our high standards

Welcome to Marigold

Begin your new role and shadow an existing senior healthcare professional while you settle in to your new and rewarding career.

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