We deliver truly personalised care by finding out what matters to you and how you want to be supported. We encourage independence and make sure you have as much choice and control over your life and the service that supports you as possible. We listen to your needs and empower you to live well, on your own terms.

We believe that wellbeing is about so much more than just being kept safe and well, it’s also about doing more of what matters to you, and staying connected to other people in your life.  All these elements are vital to deliver real wellbeing, they are all part of our standard service.

Staying safe, well, and dignified

From taking care of medication, to cooking and cleaning, supporting you to attend medical appointments, or even designing a safe household, we can look after everything that you need to stay safe and well

Doing more of what matters to you

Doing what you enjoy is what makes life worth living, so we take this really seriously. Whether you want to get out and about more, reconnect with a hobby or start doing something completely new, we’ll work with you to make it happen.

Staying Connected to others

Relationships are key to wellbeing. We’ll work with you to identify how we can build or maintain them, reducing loneliness and keeping you connected to your community.

Strength based Person-centred care options. We offer a wide range of bespoke and dedicated home care services for everyone in the community, which are built around your needs and routines. Below are our most requested services


Our Companionship services ensures that you or your loved ones lead a happy, health, safe and stimulating live with person-centred care at home from our compassionate and lively Healthcare professionals.

Live-in Care

For when you need continuous round-the-clock care, support, and companionship in your own home including overnight care to ensure your loved one is safe and sleeps soundly though the night.

Home Care

Support with personal care makes a big difference to your quality of life and we understand that it can be sensitive to each individual.  We will always provide a discreet, dignified, and bespoke care service.

Palliative Care

We believe the everyone has the right to choose where they wise to spend the last days of their lives. Our Bespoke Palliative Option provides essential care and support to enable you to have your wishs. 

Dementia Care

We understand Dementia inclusing Alzheimer's disease can be a challenging experience and therefore have crafted bespoke dementia care services. Dementia care you can trust and belief in.

Reablement Care

If you have a intermediate care requirement after a illness, injury or operation, Our reablement service can support you to set clear goals and outcomes to aid you in becoming independent once again.

If you’d like more information about our services in West London, simply complete our contact form. Or if you’d prefer an informal chat, call us on 020 8565 6662. Our team are experienced, professional and reliable, and can answer any questions you may have


About Us

 Person centred care .....

When reachout to Marigold Home Care, we will ensure that our consultantion experts callback immediately as we understand the importance of having the right care in place for you or your loved one.

If you are new to social care they will guide you through care options in a simple but detail approach ensuring you have the best options at the right level of service and at the right price. They will initially discuss the requirements of care ,schedule and arrange a visit to meet you to gather more preferrence and care needs. We along with you and your loved one will agree the care plan to ensure a dignifed and compassion high quality service is in place.


                         There is never an obligation to

                               committ or start the service

                                       until you are ready to start